SeamlessDocs Team

Learn more about the team dedicated to making Government Beautiful.

Team Leadership

Jonathon Ende


Jonathon attended Emory University and immediately after school became a serial entrepreneur. He is incredibly passionate about changing the way government works .

Dan Tangherlini

President, Federal Division

Dan was former Director of the US Treasury and GSA. Dan is a big believer in SeamlessDocs mission and is excited to make Government Beautiful.

Dave Nicponski

Chief Technology Officer

Dave has an impressive career spending over 8 years at Google and then 2 years at Twitter before joining SeamlessDocs. He is passionate about solving complicated engineering problems and social good.

Marc Ende

Vice President of Solutions

Marc attended Boulder University Business School and immediately got into technology sales. He believes that sales is an old school approach and prefers to help customers find solutions.

Leo Zakour

Director of GX

Leo is a Product Designer, UX/UI expert, and Director of Government Experience at SeamlessDocs. He believes in building beautiful and intuitive software solutions for government.

Chachi Camejo

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Chachi ran a large digital agency in NYC before connecting with Jonathon and starting SeamlessDocs. He is passionate about combining design with engineering.

Investors and Advisors

Vivek Kundra

Ex CIO, United States

Vivek Kundra is an Indian American administrator who served as the first chief information officer of the United States from March, 2009 to August, 2011 under President Barack Obama

Cass Sunstein

Ex Director, OIRA

Cass is an American legal scholar, and behavioral economics, who was the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration.

Ron Bouganim

MD, Govtech Fund

Ron is founder of the Govtech Fund and known as Mr. Govtech. Before the Govtech Fund Ron helped lead Code for America. He is passionate about helping governments innovate with software.

Cass Sunstein

Professor, Harvard University

Cass is a renowned legal scholar in the fields of constitutional law and behavioral economics. He is passionate about making forms more human and the mission of making government beautiful.

Shaun Abrahamson


Shaun is a prolific angel investor and fund manager with an impressive vision of the future of cities.  He funny enough was an early employee at govWorks so helping us avoid their mistakes.

Alan Masarek

CEO, Vonage

After Harvard Business School for his masters Alan led an impressive career, founding QuickOffice which he sold to google and then getting tapped to help with the turn around of VOIP leader Vonage.

Bill Pollak

CEO, Gordian Group

Bill has extensive leadership experience, including leading ALM as CEO and then moving to the Gordian Group which is a leader in gov procurement services for contractors.

Brad McManus

MD, Motorola Solutions

Brad has extensive corporate venture experience before joining Motorola Solutions to help imagine the future of local government and emergency services. He provides great insight into expanding.